Each of these beds is made one at a time, completely by hand. Every one is unique and made from scratch, with the end result being an heirloom-quality item than will last to be treasured by generations. Beds are welded from strong steel, and given an antique iron look. We want these to look just like much-loved iron beds from turn-of-the-century Victorian homes, making these the perfect, authentic addition to your doll collection.


       Who makes the beds? They are currently put together on a Texas ranch, by Jordan, the talented welder, my fiance. I am Atlanta, I sew the bedding sets, paint and finish the beds, and run the website. and you can ready more about me and our story at my blog, Story of a Seamstress. We are using the profits from this business towards building our log house in Tennessee, which Jordan has been working on for the past year. Our wedding is planned for next spring, and we are very excited about starting our life together!

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